mSpot Music is closing on October 15, 2012

Wednesday, 9/19/2012, 9:52am

The mSpot music service will be closing on October 15. It is a difficult decision to shut down mSpot as so many users love it. Our new service, Music Hub, offers a more complete music experience. The service integrates all of your music in one place: your own music in the cloud using fast "scan-and-match" technology plus 100 GB of storage for “unmatched” songs, millions of catalog songs, radio discovery, and a music store. You can easily access all of your music wherever you go, and never need to switch between apps. The music never stops.

Look out Appy Awards, Here Comes mSpot!

Monday, 2/14/2011, 2:58pm

mSpot is a finalist for the 2011 Appy Awards in the Music category. Mediapost’s Appy Awards “are all about acknowledging extraordinary Applications, whether they be mobile, social, or Web-based Apps living inside another Web site.”

We are very excited to be in the running for such a wonderful honor. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

The Wait is Over! Get mSpot on your Verizon iPhone

Thursday, 2/10/2011, 4:13pm

We have all seen the commercials, read all the reviews, and the big day has arrived. The iPhone is available on Verizon. All you Verizon customers are surely headed straight to the App Store to download Angry Birds right away, but don’t forget about mSpot – you are going to want to access your personal music library on Verizon. The mSpot app works with Verizon’s network for limitless listening, even when you don’t have coverage, like traveling on an airplane or riding the subway.

mSpot + iPhone = your music, hassle free

Wednesday, 12/15/2010, 12:58pm

mSpot’s iPhone App will move your iTunes to the Cloud. So what’s the big deal? It’s the end of constantly updating your iTunes library on every single one of your devices- iPhone, iPad, and computer. Moving your iTunes to the Cloud means instant access to your music collection-on the device of your choosing.

Thanks for 500 thousand downloads, Android fans!

Thursday, 9/23/2010, 9:41am

This month we hit a fantastic milestone for mSpot with over 500,000 downloads for our music in the cloud service – nice work everyone!

We have some treats to share – a few new features that we think you’re really going to like:

  • Talk to your music? Google Voice is now working with mSpot – now you can just ask your phone to “play the Suburbs” album or “listen to U2”.
  • Upload or delete by artist or album. From the web player, it’s now easier to clear out music you don’t want anymore and add the new stuff. Look for the dropdown menu next to songs, albums, and artists.

How much music do you want? That is the question.

Wednesday, 9/22/2010, 9:27am

You asked for it, and we’re giving it to you. More music storage = more music anytime, anyplace. Here’s how it works: 2GB (1600 songs) is still free, but if you want to add more music you can: We’re offering 40 gigabytes of storage (~32,000 songs) for $3.99 a month. That’s about 1600 hours, 66 days, or just over 2 months of non-stop listening. How does that sound?

-mSpot Team

mSpot cloud service is live!

Monday, 6/28/2010, 10:59am

Woo Hoo! After beginning the process last year, mSpot, the music cloud service, is finally live. During our month long private beta program, we’ve received a lot of great feedback and suggestions that we’ve incorporated into the service and continue to add to. Please let us know what you think of the public version.