The Wait is Over! Get mSpot on your Verizon iPhone

Thursday, 2/10/2011, 5:13pm

We have all seen the commercials, read all the reviews, and the big day has arrived. The iPhone is available on Verizon. All you Verizon customers are surely headed straight to the App Store to download Angry Birds right away, but don’t forget about mSpot – you are going to want to access your personal music library on Verizon. The mSpot app works with Verizon’s network for limitless listening, even when you don’t have coverage, like traveling on an airplane or riding the subway.

But wait-can’t iPhone users just store their music on their phone? Yes. But why waste your phone’s storage space on music when mSpot can store your music in the Cloud. This way you have access to your entire collection anywhere you are. mSpot can give you an automatically updated library at your fingertips without any manual syncing – no cords, no work.

mSpot isn’t only for your phone – one single login and you get instant access on your tablet, Web TV, or different PC/Mac – to listen to your music anywhere. So, if you are one of the millions of people about to jump the iPhone train, grab the mSpot app for a more entertaining ride.