Coming this Summer: mSpot will Offer 3D Movies, including SANCTUM, on the New LG Thrill 4G, via AT&T;!

Tuesday, 6/28/2011, 11:49pm

Time to throw away those 3D glasses, you don’t need them anymore. mSpot Movies has paired up with AT&T for the launch of the new LG Thrill 4G to bring you something downright thrilling: 3D movies on your mobile! Be the first to watch Sanctum by James Cameron, the creator of Titanic and Aviator, in 3D mobile.

Want a sneak peak of the LG Thrill 4G?


mSpot Movies does the Golden Globes

Tuesday, 1/18/2011, 10:58am

Ricky Gervais may have made the Golden Globes a bit more tense than usual, but don’t hold that against the winners. In case you didn’t have time to catch them in the theaters, mSpot Movies is streaming many of the winners and nominees (and more will become available in the coming months):

The Kids are Alright
Toy Story 3


Here at mSpot it’s another day, another platform

Wednesday, 1/05/2011, 11:05am

Smartphones, PCs, Tablets, and now TVs. Next? Your Toaster maybe?

Web-based TV is the latest platform to join the ranks of mSpot supported platforms. We want you to be able to access your music and your movie rentals from everywhere - on your computer, tablet, mobile phone and now: your television.