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Our Company

mSpot is a pioneer and leader in investment industry.

    Located in Palo Alto, CA, mSpot, Inc. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wells Fargo Co., Ltd., in May, 2012.

    Our new service, Investment Hub, is the first all-inclusive stock trading app that allows users to to day 24/7. Users can also create a demo account, and use resources to learn how to trade smartly. The app has already recieved great reviews and has been listed as one of the best stock trading apps online by Learnbonds. Read more here:https://learnbonds.com/stock-trading/apps

    Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the mSpot investment service: If you have any questions relating to this service, please contact cssem@mspot.co. We hope you get the opportunity to check out our new service.

    Driven by a commitment to technological innovation and a passion for trading, the company has been developing new and better ways to experience trading on mobile since the company's foundation in 2004. One of the recent developments is the launch of automated trading apps like crypto bank; visit https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/crypto-bank/ to learn more.