TJ Kang to join the CTO of Ford at Midem’s Visionary Monday

Friday, 1/18/2013, 11:22am

On behalf of mSpot Inc. and Samsung, TJ Kang will give a fireside chat at Midem, the yearly business event dedicated to the Music Industry. TJ will join Paul Mascarenas, CTO of Ford, and moderator, Olivia Solon, editor for Wired, on a talk: "Towards a Connected Life".

The Fifth Horseman

Thursday, 1/10/2013, 4:32pm

MG Siegler, the self-acclaimed reengage, Apple fan and overall bad boy of tech, wrote a very compelling article about Samsung – here’s an excerpt and a link to the story:

“…trying to suggest that Samsung is not one of the most important companies in technology is increasingly folly. In fact, there’s a decent chance that it will end up being the most important tech company of 2013.”

Check out the story here:


Next up? The Note II is the newest Samsung device to offer Music Hub…

Tuesday, 9/04/2012, 12:34pm

After tremendous success with Music Hub on the Galaxy SIII, we’re excited to tell you, Music Hub will soon be available on the newly launching Note II, available in European stores starting this October. The Note II, just announced at IFA 2012, is getting significant buzz:

“We put the device to the test today to see how those amped-up insides reflect in the Note II's benchmark scores. As you'll see below, Sammy's latest handset fares significantly better than the original Note and the Galaxy S III.” Check out the full Engadget review.