Blog entry September 2012

mSpot Music is closing on October 15, 2012

Wednesday, 9/19/2012, 9:52am

The mSpot music service will be closing on October 15. It is a difficult decision to shut down mSpot as so many users love it. Our new service, Music Hub, offers a more complete music experience. The service integrates all of your music in one place: your own music in the cloud using fast "scan-and-match" technology plus 100 GB of storage for “unmatched” songs, millions of catalog songs, radio discovery, and a music store. You can easily access all of your music wherever you go, and never need to switch between apps. The music never stops.

Next up? The Note II is the newest Samsung device to offer Music Hub…

Tuesday, 9/04/2012, 12:34pm

After tremendous success with Music Hub on the Galaxy SIII, we’re excited to tell you, Music Hub will soon be available on the newly launching Note II, available in European stores starting this October. The Note II, just announced at IFA 2012, is getting significant buzz:

“We put the device to the test today to see how those amped-up insides reflect in the Note II's benchmark scores. As you'll see below, Sammy's latest handset fares significantly better than the original Note and the Galaxy S III.” Check out the full Engadget review.

Love is Free. Samsung Music Hub is Now Free for 30 Days with a Free Album Giveaway…

Tuesday, 9/04/2012, 11:41am

We’re excited to offer new Galaxy S III users in Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Spain and the U.S. - a free 30 day trial combined with a FREE album.

To get the free trial, access the pre-loaded Music Hub app on your Galaxy S III device, or go to Samsung Apps or Google Play (in the U.S.). Here you will be able to choose one free album from a selection of country-specific albums. You get to keep, download, and do whatever you like with your free album, but we recommend listening to it.