Thanks for 500 thousand downloads, Android fans!

Thursday, 9/23/2010, 10:41am

This month we hit a fantastic milestone for mSpot with over 500,000 downloads for our music in the cloud service – nice work everyone!

We have some treats to share – a few new features that we think you’re really going to like:

  • Talk to your music? Google Voice is now working with mSpot – now you can just ask your phone to “play the Suburbs” album or “listen to U2”.
  • Upload or delete by artist or album. From the web player, it’s now easier to clear out music you don’t want anymore and add the new stuff. Look for the dropdown menu next to songs, albums, and artists.

  • More options for phone storage. You can now set up your phone to “stream-only” so that no songs are stored on your SD card. It’s a good option if you’re usually in coverage and want to save space for pics and other files. Or you can stick with the default stream/download option which stores every song played – the right choice if you go in and out of coverage (planes, trains, automobiles…).
  • “Download Now” on the android app. If you do need to load up your phone for the flight or F train ride, use Download now from your phone to queue up albums, artists and playlists to load. Works via cellular coverage and/or wifi so you can stay wireless on the cheap.
  • You can also side-load music directly to your phone via cable, without uploading it to the cloud first, if you’re really in a hurry to listen, that is.


- mSpot Team