mSpot Music selected to PCWorld 100 Best Products of 2011

Thursday, 11/03/2011, 1:45pm

We’re thrilled to be chosen ahead of so many other music service apps – along with a 5 star rating!

Here are some highlights of the review…

“Playback over 3G was a better experience than with Amazon's Cloud Player or Google's new Music app. I heard little to no delay between songs, and buffering was never an issue. Users can select the audio quality of songs when they upload them, though I was quite satisfied with the default quality setting.”

“The latest version of mSpot Music features tons of Internet radio stations. From rock to gospel and everything in between, Music has a station for just about every genre. The app can also build customized radio stations based on what songs or artists you play the most. One cool thing about browsing through radio stations is that you can see what song is currently playing on a station before you launch it.”

“If you are not satisfied with your preinstalled Music application, and Pandora keeps playing the same songs over and over again, mSpot's Music app is a solid alternative to both.”

Thanks PCWorld – Rock On!