Blackberry Movie Apps

Verizon V-Cast app store for BlackBerry users

Why let iPhone users have all the fun? Now you can watch a movie on your Blackberry -- no movie downloading, no waiting, no PC syncing needed.

How does it work?
From the Verizon V-Cast App Store, users browse the collection of movies and select the one they want. After the movie is selected, users will rent it and download the application. Each individual movie is its own application. Once in the application, customers are able to instantly stream the movie – playing and pausing as they like, leveraging resume and chapter features.

Where to get it?
Our movie app delivers full-length streaming movies on the Verizon V-Cast App store for Blackberry users. The service is initially only available on the RIM Storm 2 device, but will be available on several other Blackberry devices including the Storm, Tour, Curve and Curve2 in the near future. Content selection is limited at the current time, but more will be available in the coming months!