Mobile Radio

mSpot, Inc.'s cutting-edge mobile radio network currently spans Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Bell Mobility, and Telus. In total, mSpot has over 100 commercial-free music channels, over 400 local stations, and over 30 stations of talk content from popular media firms including ABC, Fox Sports, NPR, Disney, SportingNews, MarketWatch, PRI, and AccuWeather.

Several of our mobile radio products offer truly customizable radio functionality, enabling customers to create customized radio stations that reflect their own music preferences. Our technology allows users to respond to songs they like so that our service creates a personalized music experience based on those songs.

Where to get it?

  • For AT&T customers: Look for AT&T Radio on Media Mall or preloaded on your device
  • For Verizon customers: Look for mSpot Radio under the "Get new Ringtones" in the Radio catalog folder
  • For Sprint customers: Look for Sprint Radio Extra under the 'Entertainment' (Sprint TV) button and scroll to 'Music & Radio', or find Sprint Radio listed on Sprint TV's main menu
  • For U.S. Cellular customers: Look for mSpot Radio in the Easyedge apps catalog
  • For Bell Mobility Customers: Look for Bell Radio under the TV & Movies icon on the main carousel, and click the 'Radio' icon
  • For Telus Customers: Look for Telus Radio under the Music & Media button on the device main menu and select TV & Radio