Popular Cloud Music Service Now Available in Europe: Offering an Easy Way to Listen to Your Own Music on Mobiles, Tablets and Internet Connected Devices

Free, Beta Version of mSpot Provides Instant Access to Your Personally-Collected Tracks and Playlists, without Advertising.

MidemNet, Cannes France, (January 21, 2011)—mSpot®, Inc., cloud entertainment provider, today officially launches a free European beta version of mSpot Music, its music in the cloud service, already downloaded by over one million U.S. users. The free version of mSpot Music allows users to store and swap out up to 1,600 songs (2GB) from their personal music collections on the Internet, enabling them to instantly access music via their mobile phones or other Internet connected devices.

“While there are various ways for consumers to access music, such as through terrestrial or Internet radio, many people still enjoy listening to their own collections including all kinds of hard-to-find tracks, “Club Mixes”, and playlists that they’ve spent years collecting and curating,” said mSpot CEO Daren Tsui. “We’re making it easy to listen to your own music collections on many different devices; instantly, at a touch of a button, with no USB or manual syncing required, you can listen to something uniquely yours.”

How it Works:
First, put your music collection from your PC/Mac into your own personal music locker on the Internet by visiting Once you've uploaded your music, you can access it anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone, tablet or PC/Mac. Second, get the mSpot application for Android or iPhone: Then, all your online music will be automatically accessible on your mobile, or other connected devices, such as iPad and tablets. The free service is available in all EU countries; mSpot will announce additional storage options shortly.

About mSpot
The leading cloud entertainment provider, mSpot, Inc., delivers music, movie and radio content instantly to users - bringing effortless, Cloud-based syncing across all devices. The company offers three innovative entertainment services: mSpot® - the flagship music service, enables people to upload their entire music collections online and listen wherever they are; mSpot Movies™ - a premium Video On Demand (VOD) movie service; and mSpot Radio™ - an all-format radio service that includes over 400 channels of music. mSpot cloud entertainment services reach more than six million customers. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, more information is available at