On Demand Movies and Personal Music Collections Are Now Instantly Available in your Living Room and Across Platforms Including Internet TV, PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad and Smartphone

Palo Alto, Calif. - January 5, 2011 – mSpot®, Inc., the leading cloud entertainment provider, today launches its music and movie services on Google TV. mSpot Movies service instantly streams full-length movie rentals across connected devices, enabling movie fans to switch seamlessly between devices as they pick up and leave off watching a movie. mSpot Music allows users to store their personal music collections on the Internet and then instantly access music from the cloud via any connected device.“The real killer app for Internet-connected TV is cloud-based entertainment – instant access to all kinds of entertainment content, from movies to music, is the reason people will prefer “connected” television. People will be able to choose exactly what they want to watch, and on the devices they prefer,” said mSpot CEO Daren Tsui. “Our music and movie services bring together what you’ve already been watching or listening to on your mobile, tablet or PC/Mac and put it all on the big screen.”

To meet the growing demand for streaming music and movies, mSpot offers a seamless experience across platforms – including PC, Mac, tablets, iPad, mobile devices and now Google TV – enabling customers to access their entire music collections and movies on any device via a single user account.

mSpot Music:
First, put your music collection from your PC/Mac into your own personal music locker on the Internet by visiting Once you've uploaded your music "into the Cloud", you can access it anytime, anywhere from your Internet TV, Smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac. Second, login to from Google TV’s Chrome browser: Then, all your online music will be automatically accessible on Google TV. mSpot offers free storage for the first two gigabytes (approximately 1600 songs), with additional storage available for purchase at 40 gigabytes for $3.99 per month.

mSpot Movies:
mSpot has optimized its movie service for the big screen, delivering a simplified user interface that makes browsing for titles and streaming movies crystal clear from ten feet away. To access mSpot Movies, customers can click on the mSpot Movies icon in the Spotlight section on Google TV, or visit and use a credit card to rent and stream individual movies from $2.99-$3.99 each.

About mSpot
The leading cloud entertainment provider, mSpot Inc., delivers music, movie and radio content instantly to users - bringing effortless, Cloud-based syncing across all devices. The company offers three innovative entertainment services: mSpot® - the flagship music service, enabling music lovers to upload their entire music collections to the cloud and listen wherever they are; mSpot Movies™ - a premium Video On Demand (VOD) movie service; and mSpot Radio™ - an all-format radio service that includes over 400 channels of music, talk, local, and customizable stations for a more personalized radio experience. mSpot cloud entertainment services reach more than six million customers. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, more information is available at

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