Popular Cloud Music Service with Over 1.2 Million Downloads Offers Alternative to Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player

Palo Alto, Calif. (March 30, 2011)—Cloud entertainment provider mSpot, Inc., today increased its free storage offering to 5GB on its popular cloud music service for iPhone, Android, PCs/Macs® and Internet TV. The service enables users to quickly upload their music to the mSpot Cloud and then immediately start listening from both desktop browsers, Android and iPhones for free. It is currently available at for PC and Mac, in the Apple® App Store and Android Marketplace.

The service was launched for Android in June and for iPhone in December of 2010, and now has over 1.2 million downloads.

“We think we have a better service than storage lockers with a simple “player” User Interface - and in order to remove any price barriers we’re going to offer 5 GB free storage. Going forward, we expect that the market for storage will be very commoditized and price-driven; but unique music services like mSpot will appeal more to music listeners looking for a complete experience on both the mobile and computer,” said mSpot CEO Daren Tsui. “The music locker is only one component of mSpot Music – which is actually a complete cloud music service that will soon include a unique music discovery offering that builds on everything we’ve learned from our customers over the last year.”

How does it work? First, go to and put your iTunes collection or other music folders from your PC/Mac, into your own personal music locker on the Internet. Once you've uploaded your music "into the Cloud", you can access it anytime, anywhere from your iPhone, Android device or any PC/Mac®. Secondly, go to the Apple App Store and download the mSpot Music app for your iPhone, iPad or IPod touch; or go to the Android Marketplace for Android phones and tablets. All your online music will automatically be accessible on your phone. mSpot offers free cloud storage for the first 5 gigabytes (approximately 4000 songs): Additional storage is available for purchase; 40 gigabytes for $3.99 per month. NOTE: This change is currently being pushed live; people registering today will automatically be upgraded to 5GBs.

mSpot Music Features:
• Instant access to music collections from mobile, tablet, PC/Mac® and Internet TV.
• Smart syncing across devices: No USB cords required; instantly syncs music from the cloud to user’s mobile; avoids playback interruptions.
• Automatically exports playlist, metadata, cover art, and more from iTunes.
• Continuous playback, even during spotty cellular coverage.
• Airplane mode: play cached songs on the phone without network connectivity.
• “Live Lyrics”: read the words to select favorite songs as they play on mobile.
• “Streaming only” option for users who want to save all the storage on their mobiles for other media.

About mSpot
The leading cloud entertainment provider, mSpot, Inc., delivers music, movie and radio content instantly to users - bringing effortless, Cloud-based syncing across all devices. The company offers three innovative entertainment services: mSpot® - the flagship music service, enables people to upload their entire music collections online and listen wherever they are; mSpot Movies™ - a premium Video On Demand (VOD) movie service; and mSpot Radio™ - an all-format radio service that includes over 400 channels of music. mSpot cloud entertainment services reach more than six million customers. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, more information is available at