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May 29, 2012

Samsung Boosts Galaxy Appeal with Music Hub

Paul Sandle
Reuters UK

"We are doing it to create a better experience for our users. There are things we could do better if we have complete control over all of the service."

May 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3: Korean Tech Giant Takes Another Bite Out of Apple with Music Service to Take on iTunes

Eddie Wrenn
Daily Mail

T.J. Kang, senior vice president for Samsung's media department, said: 'Samsung is not known for our content services; we make good hardware products but we haven't done much in the content space but that's changing.

May 29, 2012

Samsung Starts iTunes Rival to Draw Smartphone Shoppers

Jun Yang
Bloomberg Businessweek

"While Sony’s Music Unlimited service requires an Internet connection for streaming songs, the Music Hub allows users to store songs on individual devices for listening offline as the iTunes service does."

May 29, 2012

Samsung’s New Music Hub Wants to be More Than an iTunes Killer

Tom Cheredar

Samsung has released new details/a> of its forthcoming streaming music service, Music Hub, and it might even turn out to be more than just another iTunes competitor.

Mar 13, 2012

Exclusive: mSpot Plans First 3-in-1 Music Locker, Subscription, Radio Service

Eliot Van Buskirk

MSpot might have the answer to the “silo-ization” of our music experience with a first-of-its-kind service that combines an online locker where you can store music downloads in the cloud

Feb 21, 2012

Consistency is Key to Owning the Mobile Stack: Q&A; with mSpot CEO

Kristen Nicole

Consistency isn’t a word often associated with today’s mobile scene. With fiery mobile OS wars, a battle for the very soul of every consumer and an emerging string of marketplaces designed to store your personal media, the mobile realm is one seemingly reeling with constant change. But Daren Tsui, CEO of mSpot, anticipated much of the volatility we see in mobility, and created a platform that acts as a constant bridge between rivaling OS’s and disparate devices.

Nov 8, 2011

Cloud-Based Music Storage That Really Rocks

Carley Knobloch Digitwirl

Oct 31, 2011

mSpot Named to PCWorld's "The 100 Best Products of 2011"

PCWorld Editors

mSpot was selected by PCWorld's experts for PCWorld's list of the year's standout hardware, software, and services.

Sep 20, 2011

mSpot vs. Netflix - See mSpot on NBC

Scott Budman NBC Bay Area

Sep 16, 2011

mSpot Takes on Mobile Music Cloud by Playing the Field

Kristen Nicole

“Apple is good in a closed ecosystem–their devices are prettier and easier to use,” says Daren Tsui, mSpot CEO and co-founder. ”What’s clever about Android is that it’s a group of very large companies going up against Apple. With the cloud play, a similar thing will happen. Apple will have its iCloud with fans down to the core, where all their devices are Apple and they’ll be content with iCloud. But for many, you may have an iPad as well as an Android smartphone. Our ecosystem is perfect for you because we work on both devices. We’re going to focus on both in the event you own a non-iOS device and still want access to your music.”