Mspot's Radio Spotter Adds New Features Into Cloud Locker

The real value of the cloud for music isn't simply being able to stream music from online storage locker to multiple devices. That's the initial selling point, but it's only a doorway to additional services. Mspot, which launched its music locker service long before Amazon or Google did, is now starting to do just that. Today, the company introduced Radio Spotter Beta-a service that taps the music stored in users' digital music lockers to recommend Internet radio stations.

The service offers four features:
- Suggested Stations: While you play a song from your collection, hit the radio icon and the service will suggest radio stations playing that artist or similar artists

- mSpot Radio: mSpot curated stations by genre; urban, pop, latin, alternative rock, 70's 80's and 90's - pure radio, not based on your own music

- Internet Radio Stations: Additional stations by genre; pop, country, hip hop, rock, alternative, dance, classical - pure radio not based on your own music.

-Personal Radio: Radio stations based on the songs you've listened to from your collection (including saved favorite stations).

Additionally, any new music discovered on those Internet radio stations can be flagged as songs to purchase later. It also lets users brows stations not necessarily recommended by the service, and search stations based on entering in specific artists names.

The Radio Spotter service is available initially only for the Android version of the Mspot app, with support for iPhone and other devices expected later this year.

May 26, 2011