mSpot for Android adds Radio Spotter

Starting today, users of the mSpot app for Android get to enjoy Radio Spotter Beta, a new release that adds streaming radio to the app's usual cloud music service.

Previously, mSpot was all about uploading, storing, and playing music that you already own. But now, with Radio Spotter Beta, users can mix in some spontaneity and variety via Internet Radio stations, mSpot Stations, Personal Stations (based on a song or artist of your choosing), or the innovative Suggested Stations. The mSpot app is able to make its suggestions based on the music you've been listening to, as opposed to all of the music you have stored.

With services like Pandora and Slacker each offering their own combinations of socially programmed radio, curated radio, and an on-demand catalog, mSpot is adding yet another unique option to the mix. We like that it combines the guaranteed enjoyment of your own personal music catalog (stored in the cloud) with the potential discovery that streaming radio offers. And the suggested stations are a nice touch.

Radio Spotter Beta is available for download now in the Android Marketplace. Versions for the desktop as well as other mobile platforms are expected to roll out sometime later this year. We'll keep our ears open.

May 26, 2011