mSpot Mobile Entertainment Maximizes "Connectivity" of Mobile Phones to Fuse Entertainment with Interactivity, e-Commerce, and Community

PALO ALTO, Calif., November 20, 2006 -- mSpot, a pioneer in multimedia mobile entertainment, today unveiled its next-generation mobile entertainment platform, taking mobile music and video to the next level with an enhanced multimedia client, advancements that maximize the entertainment experience across networks and devices, and a rapidly expanding line up of music and video programming from global media brands. mSpot's platform delivers streaming music, movies, television, music videos, podcasts, concerts and a range of other premium entertainment services to mobile phones, combining traditional entertainment with live information, user-generated content and usage personalization to offer the most advanced mobile entertainment experience available today.

"White labeled" and mSpot branded services developed on top of the mSpot platform are already available across multiple carriers with the advantages of being "always connected" with no docking or synching. mSpot's multimedia platform lets consumers discover, play and interact with music, movies, videos and other multimedia content directly from a mobile phone. mSpot's platform delivers mobile entertainment over the airwaves to data-capable phones -- rather than a dedicated, "unconnected" device -- so the user experience is greatly enhanced through interactivity, personalization and social functionality.

"The latest version of our platform will keep mSpot at the forefront of the mobile entertainment wave, as we believe that mobile phones will be the default personal entertainment devices of the future," said Daren Tsui, CEO and co-founder of mSpot. "If you take the interactive, 'always connected' nature of the phone and then add exciting, well-developed content, you have something truly compelling. Over the past 18 months, our theory has been proven again and again as each of our entertainment services -- mSpot Radio, mSpot Sports and mSpot Movies -- have debuted and quickly attracted broad subscriber bases."

Live information offers better user experience
mSpot delivers the ultimate mobile multimedia entertainment experience through a combination of three key components: an interactive client application, a state-of-the art mobile content delivery infrastructure and a wide range of high-quality programming designed to entertain mobile users. mSpot's next-generation mobile entertainment platform offers:

Simple, interactive interface
mSpot's multimedia "player" features an enhanced, easy-to-navigate interface that enables consumers to discover new music and entertainment content; get information on songs, albums and artists; click to purchase full-tracks, ringtones and other related merchandise as they are listening; share music and videos with friends; and customize their user experience through "My Favorites" and other personalization features. Great multimedia entertainment, optimized for every network and many different devices

mSpot can automatically detect handset type and data connection speed in order to optimize look and performance for various screen sizes and network technologies. mSpot uses both standard and proprietary protocols and now supports Java MIDP1 and MIDP2, BREW as well as smart phones, including Treo, Blackberry and Win CE. mSpot's streaming platform supports CDMA and GSM networks at 2.5G and 3G. Widest range of services; multiple formats for the most choice in programming mSpot's mobile entertainment services -- which include music, radio, TV, and movies -- feature live and on-demand programming. Through its partnerships with leading media brands, and a very experienced production department, mSpot offers the most exciting mobile entertainment programming available today:

  • Chart-topping music from all major music labels
  • The hottest music videos from a wide range of popular artists
  • Talk radio from popular sources such as NPR, ESPN, Radio Disney, MarketWatch and more
  • TV and movies from major studios and distributors, including Buena Vista VOD, Lionsgate and Universal Pictures

About mSpot
A pioneer in mobile multimedia entertainment, mSpot partners with movie studios, music labels and media companies to produce and deliver exciting, high-quality radio and video services for mobile phones. mSpot Radio, an all-format mobile radio service, offers nearly 100 channels of crystal-clear music, news, sports, finance, entertainment, talk radio as well as music videos and podcasts from popular sources such as NPR, ESPN, Radio Disney and MarketWatch. mSpot's groundbreaking mobile video services stream full-length movies, television and concerts to mobile phones, featuring recent hits and timeless favorites from Buena Vista VOD, Lionsgate and Universal Pictures. mSpot is available in the U.S. through Sprint and in Canada through TELUS. Founded in 2004, mSpot is a privately held company headquartered in Palo Alto, California and on the Web at