MSpot Radio Spotter pairs cloud music with streaming service


Cloud entertainment provider mSpot introduced Radio Spotter Beta, which combines cloud music and digital locker services with streaming radio access.

According to mSpot, Radio Spotter Beta matches songs from the user's personal digital library to similar music playing on hundreds of Internet stations, leveraging metadata to identify relevant content based on current and evolving listening tastes--consumers may also select stations based on their own genre and artist searches. A Stations Suggestions tab will store match recommendations, and users can also save favorite stations on the app homepage--in addition, Radio Spotter Beta users can flag songs to purchase via iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Radio Spotter Beta is free--for now, the service is limited to Android smartphones, and is available for download from Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android Market. MSpot said it will roll out the solution to Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone, PCs/Macs and other devices later in 2011, also introducing premium features.

MSpot extended its streaming music service to the iPhone in late 2010, enabling users to access their iTunes library on the go. The solution allows consumers to upload their music to the mSpot Cloud and immediately begin listening across desktop browsers as well as iPhones and iPad tablets. MSpot offers free cloud storage for the first 2 gigabytes (roughly 1600 songs), with an additional 40 gigabytes of storage available for $3.99 per month.
According to mSpot, the service also exports playlist, metadata, cover art and related iTunes content, delivering continuous playback regardless of cellular coverage quality--an additional Airplane mode allows users to play cached songs even when connectivity is disabled, while a "streaming only" option frees up storage for users who wish to clear space for other mobile media.

May 27, 2011