New Apps for Your iPhone & Android, Winter 2010 Edition

mSpot just announced an iPhone version of its cloud music service that lets you upload your music collection to its servers then stream it to your mobile phone.(Android has had this app since June, now with over 1 million downloads).

Unlike the shuttered cloud music service Lala (acquired by Apple), mSpot doesn't try to match your library with its master collection - it simply puts your music online for streaming purposes. mSpot offers 2 GB of storage for free; 40 GB for $3.99.

On a personal note, I'll admit this is a viable alternative to iTunes and a "cheaper" way to do streaming music than competitors like MOG and Rdio (~$10/month) but it's just your own tracks. For a few extra dollars, you can have an all-you-can-eat buffet of music, including new releases, at your fingertips. For a couple of us at RWW, we can tell you that MOG is is the first thing that has actually prompted us to "pay for" music in ages

December 16, 2010