mSpot’s RadioSpotter Adds A Pandora-Like Experience To Your Music Collection

Mobile entertainment startup mSpot is launching a new feature for its cloud music service today—Radio Spotter. mSpot lets you upload your music to the cloud, after which it can be streamed from a multitude of devices, ranging from PCs, Macs, to the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Radio Spotter matches the songs you’re playing from your personal online music collections to music playing on hundreds of radio stations across the web. You can also select Internet radio stations you’ll like, based on music genres or your own artist searches. Radio Spotter puts the metadata in your music collection to work by matching whatever you’re listening to, and offers new recommendations based on your changing preferences.

As you listen to your music on mSpot Music, the service will match the songs and artists you’re playing with similar music on Internet radio stations. These stations will be available in the “Stations Suggestions” tab in the applications. You can save your favorite stations can be saved for easy reference on the app homepage and new songs can be flagged for future reference and synced to your mSpot account for future purchase (via Amazon).

Unlike Pandora’s internet radio station, mSpot matches your preferences with the music collection you have stored in the cloud. It sort of gives you the best of both worlds. And it’s free.

As we’ve written in the past, mSpot is playing in a competitive space both in terms of its movie (iTunes and Netflix) and music streaming services. With the launch of Amazon’s digital music locker, mSpot has been left with another competitor. But adding new features and lowering the price of its own storage offerings should hemp the company compete against giants like Pandora, iTunes and others.

May 26, 2011