mSpot Stores 2 GB of Your Music Online, Streams It to Your Smartphone

We've previously written on mSpot, but the addition of an iOS client makes it a lot more convenient for Mac users, and anyone rocking an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Windows/Mac and iOS/Android: mSpot takes your iTunes playlists and other music and stores it on 2 GB of free server space. It then beams and syncs that music to a browser, an Android device, and, new today, iPhones and other iOS devices.

One catch is that, with the free 2 GB plan, you can only sync or stream to one mobile device—an upgrade to the $3.99 per month plan with 40 GB of storage gives you more devices. Free or paid, mSpot is a really convenient way to stash a collection of music for listening anywhere you happen to be, without having to manually set playlists or remember to sync.

mSpot offers free clients for Windows and Mac, as well as clients in the Android and iPhone marketplaces. You can grab a free 2 GB account at the web site.

December 15, 2010