mSpot Offers Mobile Streaming Service


If you’ve got an Android phone, you’ve probably discovered that you don’t have a whole lot of choices when it comes to movie streaming. Especially since Netflix doesn’t have a position in Android yet that I’ve seen. But the folks out at mSpot are looking to give you a chance at some streaming video on both Android and iOS, as well as giving you some access from PC and Mac.

They’re calling it the mSpot Movie Club, and works on a system of credits. You’ll buy in at one of three levels–$4.99, $7.99 and $15.99 a month–for which you’ll receive either 20, 40, or 80 credits.

Then you’ll turn around and use your tokens to buy access to movies, with the newest releases (Tangled is one such title, which is very new) running 15 credits per, and other movies available at ten or even five credits.Further credits aside from your monthly allocation can be purchased for $.25 each.

The critical advantage that mSpot is offering–aside from being available on Android--is that you’ll have access to the movies of your choice in much more rapid fashion than with Netflix. We’re all by now familiar with the 28 day embargo on rentals, and of course there’s a matching 1-7 day embargo on streaming, too, but the mSpot Movie Club has the movies the day they’re available for purchase.

The number of titles available may prove a problem for some (checking the comedy section, for example, revealed under 400 total titles available), but then, streaming doesn’t really require a whole lot of titles to be available. They’ll enjoy pride of place right now, but I’m sure most Android users are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of a Netflix app for their platform of choice. When that shows up, between the larger number of titles and the all you can stream pricing structure, I look for mSpot’s Movie Club to get left behind in rapid fashion.

April 15, 2011

mSpot Offers Mobile Streaming Service