mSpot Music Adds Free Personalized Radio to its Android App

mSpot is one of the best cloud music players out there and it just got better. Today the company is announcing an update to their Android app which brings enhanced radio features to the app. This makes mSpot the only cloud music player to combine streaming music with a radio service.

This new feature, called Radio Spotter is basically a personalized radio feature. The way it works is that while you are listening to a song, you can press the Radio button and the app will generate a radio station for you based on what is relevant to the song you’re listening too. So in other words, mSpot is making radio stations based on your music taste.

In case you’re not familiar with mSpot, mSpot is an online service which lets you upload your music to the cloud so that you can stream and listen to your music wherever you are – that includes from any desktop web browser or smartphone web browser. All you have to do, to get up and running is download mSpot’s software to your Mac and PC, and the software will automatically upload your iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists up into the cloud. The Android app also takes mSpot a step further by offering you the option to cache songs onto your mobile device, so that if you don’t have an internet connection, you aren’t cut off from your music altogether. mSpot offers a very generous 5GB of storage with its free subscription, although their premium plan costs just $3.99 a month and offers up-to 40GB of storage.

The addition of RadioSpotter to mSpot makes mSpot the first to combine a cloud music and storage locker service with streaming radio. Of course these new features to mSpot are much needed for mSpot to compete at a time when both Amazon and Google are aggressively pushing their own competing cloud music players – Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music. For now, the Radio Spotter feature is only available for Android, but mSpot says that they will soon be bringing this feature to iOS devices as well.

May 26, 2011