mSpot Movies Provides Streaming Rentals to iPads

mSpot provided a first for the iPad today as it officially launched mSpot Movies (free, App Store). The now universal app gives Apple's tablet the option of renting both current and vintage movies without having to store the videos locally, even with chapter markers and resuming. The newer service also works over 3G in addition to Wi-Fi and can auto-adjust the bitrate to keep the movie playing depending on the connection quality.

Rentals cost between $3 and $4 depending on the title, but renting also provides access to the same titles on the web in addition to the iPad or iPhone. The company already has versions of its app for Android, BlackBerry and webOS devices.

The rollout preempts efforts by Apple itself. It's rumored to be offering streaming iTunes video both as a way of reducing the need for storage on the iPad but also as a key to the next Apple TV. Any plans may not see this debut until at least the fall.

July 12th, 2010