mSpot Movie Rental Prices Get Cheaper as Competition Escalates


TV programming could be coming down the road

When Amazon announced its Cloud Drive and music player services 5GB of storage for free, mSpot knew it had to act. The company quickly announced that it would also be giving users 5GB of free space.

Now mSpot has lowered the pricing on its movies, to compete with Netflix, Blockbuster, Redbox, etc. as well. They are offering new releases for $3.00compared to the $3.99 industry standard.

“We’re squarely focused on providing value to our customers and our new move is to allow our customers to watch movies on every device they own. mSpot supports 40 to 50 different mobile devices,” CEO Daren Tsui tells WebProNews.

“We’re finding that many of our customers want to watch new release movies that are not yet available for streaming on Netflix,” he says. “We’ve always competed very well with our new release selection and we’re excited to offer our customers more competitive pricing.”

One area where Netflix and others have a leg up is the offering of television shows. When asked about mSpot’s plans for this, Tsui told us, “We have episodic tv, but feel like we want to get movies down first before offering television series. This is something we could offer in the future though.”

mSpot counts Disney, Paramount, WB, Universal, Sony and others among its partners.

“Getting DVDs in the mail is old school,” says Tsui. “To sum this up. we want to pass the value to our customers.”

Users who join mSpot’s Movies Club purchase pre-paid credits for a select number of rentals each month, based on their plan.

The company says, “New releases on mSpot Movies are often available the day DVDs go on sale. This means people can watch these movies 28 days before subscription services like Netflix offer the same DVD, and a full 1-7 years before they are available for streaming instantly on subscription services.”

Plans include: $4.99 a month for up to 4 movies, $7.99 a month for up to 8 movies, and $15.99 a month for up to 16 movies. Movie rentals can also be purchased a la carte from $1.99 – $3.99.

April 15, 2011