mSpot Lets You Stream Your iTunes Library on Your iPhone

As for costs, mSpot gives everyone 2 gigs of storage for free, with unlimited playback. Or, if your music library is a bit more serious, you can pay roughly $4 for 40 gigs of space, which is about 8 gigs more than the biggest iPhone can hold. You can download mSpot for iTunes here.

There are smartphone apps which give you access to millions of streaming songs. But sometimes they don't have those rare recordings that you spent months tracking down. And there are smartphone apps that kinda, sorta let you connect to your home-based server or hard drive. But they can be slow and wonky.

Point is, there aren't really any services that automatically sync your library to the cloud so you can stream it on the go.

That's why mSpot is here to help.

The cloud-based mSpot has been running on Android smartphones since June with great success (over 1 million downloads), and as of today, it's up and running on the iPhone.

Essentially, you install a mSpot helper app on your computer that watches your iTunes library and will automatically upload newly added songs to your account on their servers. Then, when you're on the go, you can load up the app on your phone and have your personal library ready to go. You can also log into the site from a computer that's not yours and play songs back in the browser.

December 16, 2010