mSpot Is A Dedicated Music Streaming Service That Beats Amazon's Cloud Player

mSpot lets you store all of your music in the cloud and stream it to any computer or mobile device.

Sound familiar?

Music streaming services have been cropping up all over the place lately, so veteran mSpot decided to add more free storage to its service to stay competitive.

Where mSpot is ahead of the competition is the variety of easy settings it offers to cache music on your mobile device if you never feel like syncing with iTunes.

mSpot can automatically sync your iTunes library to the cloud so you can access it on the go and even choose what you want to sync to your mobile device.
So--mSpot specializes in cloud music storage, not cloud storage in general (like Amazon, SugarSync, Dropbox, and more), so its product is very easy to use and optimized for music listening.

Another standout feature is that mSpot gives you 5GB for free, but we love their offer for 40GB for $3.99/month plan even more. It's a great value.

March 31, 2011