mSpot announces Movies Club and new pricing packages


Some of you may already be familiar with mSpot, the music streaming service for your iPhone, Android device, Mac or PC, but did you also know that the service provides videos-on-demand, too? Perhaps best of all, mSpot works directly with major studios (like they do with record labels), so you’ll often find new movies available on its service before it ever hits other streaming services like Netflix. In fact, movies will typically hit mSpot video-on-demand the same day that DVDs are released, which can be years before other streaming services pick them up.

So, just how competitive is the pricing for mSpot’s new Movies Club feature? It’s not bad when you compare it to others:

Basic: $4.99 per month offering 20 movie credits, or up to 4 movies (good for people who mostly watch new releases)

Plus: $7.99 per month offering 40 movie credits, or up to 8 movies (good for a combination of new releases and classics)

Premium: Premium: $15.99 per month offering 80 movie credits, or up to 16 (good for those who watch movies often)

In the end, it all works out to be a dollar per movie, which still isn’t a bad deal – especially when you’re seeing movies as they hit DVD versus old titles. You can also pay for movies à la carte ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 for movies.

The cool part is it works across several devices and platforms. You can start watching a movie on your laptop and finish it on your iPad or iPhone, which beats having to skip right to the spot where you think you might have left off. And mSpot video streaming works on connected TV like Google TV, Android and iPhone and through other smartphone browsers, laptops and it powers Sprint movies.

When you do select movies to watch, you’re charged only when you hit play. And, like iTunes, you have 24 hours to finish watching your movie, but you can also watch the movie more than once in that 24-hour period.

April 15, 2011