Centrifugal Kitchen Wall Exhauster, Belt Driven



The BCRWR Centrifugal Wall Exhauster is specifically designed for horizontal wall-mounted configurations exhausting grease-laden air from kitchens, restaurants, and cooking and dishwasher hoods where upblast exhaust is not feasible. The BCRWR features a high efficiency, non-overloading backward inclined centrifugal wheel precisely matched to a deep spun venturi. The wheel, motor and drive assembly are completely isolated from the fan supports by rubber isolators to reduce transmission of noise and vibration. The top cap also provides complete protection for the motor and drive assembly, while allowing quick access to these components without the need for tools.

Sizes (wheel diameters)
叶轮直径:311 mm to 800 mm

风量:19,708 m3/hour
静压:808 Pa

AMCA认证的声强和空气动力性能 L705认证

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