Centrifugal Roof Exhauster, Hooded, Belt Driven



The BCLH is a hooded Centrifugal Roof Exhauster designed for roof mounted exhaust of relatively clean air in applications where a compact design and low contour shape are desired. The BCLH features a hinged, removable, galvanized steel hood for cleaning and servicing the fan and a galvanized steel wire bird screen along the perimeter of the hood.

In addition, the BCLH incorporates a modular hood design and individual galvanized steel panels interlock to create a hood assembly that offers superior strength over conventional style hoods. The smooth curves and clean lines of the modular hood also give it a more pleasing appearance than traditional hoods.

Sizes (wheel diameters)
叶轮直径:266 mm to 1,249 mm

风量:50,120 m3/hour
静压:621 Pa

AMCA认证的声强和空气动力性能 L705认证

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